Lunch shouldn't be complicated

Lunch shouldn't be complicated

Why carry around multiple containers?

Our PackTOGO Slimline bento lunch box gives you the functionality of multiple containers, and slim design for portability and portion control in one simple & premium design.

Less to pack so less to clean!



  • 100% Leakproof

    Our Slimline series has 3 compartments that are individually all leakproof so that food does not mix inside the bento lunch box.

  • Safe for your body

    Our products are BPA-Free, Phalate Free, PVC Free, made with food safe materials and pass international safety standards.

  • Portion Control

    We specifically designed our Slimline Bento Lunch Boxes to carry less food for active individuals that want to control their food portions.

  • Save Time

    You can microwave it (without the lid), put it in the dishwasher, or freezer with no problems and it's super simple to clean.


Are PackTOGO Bento Lunchboxes BPA Free?

Yes. PackTOGO lunchboxes are BPA Free, PVC Free and Phalate Free as well.

Is it microware safe?

Yes. Our products are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. But the top lid must be removed when microwaving.

Is this good for children?

Many of our moms buy our slimline series for their kids because it does not leak and its not bulky. However, because of the 100% leakproof functionality, it will be difficult for smaller children (under 7yrs) to open and close the lid properly on their own.

The food is leaking and don't know why?

Please see our "How To Video" section. Once you do it a couple of times it becomes easy, but you need to follow the directions below. In order to achieve 100% leakproof lock you need to: 1) Align the lid to the bottom container and press down on the center. 2) From the center, start pressing down on the edges and drive the air outward. 3) Once the inner and outer edges are sealed, then close the 4 tabs. *Remember that you are driving the air out of the container, then closing the tabs.

Why is the middle of the lunchbox bulging and leaking inside the compartments?

This happens when it was not sealed properly from the center out. You need to start from the center of the lid and work outward making sure its getting sealed and air expelled. If there is a bulge, that means the seal is not intact in the center because of trapped air. Press that air out of the container.

Why are the tabs not closing?

The tabs should be easy to put on if the lid has been put on correctly. If the seals are not on 100% and air expelled out, the tabs will not close easily. Try opening the lid and pressing down from the center outward making sure the seals are going in and air expelled out...the tabs should close much easier.

Can the provided lunch bag fit ice packs to keep food cool?

Yes. Our custom sized lunch bag will allow you to put thin ice packs (1/4"thick) together with the Bento lunchbox to keep things like fruits, salads, dressings, yogurt, cheese, etc. cool for a couple of hours depending on outside conditions.

How to use

Customer Feedback

"We love this lunchbox! I got this for my daughter because we were sick of leaking containers and missing lids. Problem solved!"- E.E

 “I actually put water in it and closed it and then I shook it every which way and NOT A DROP LEAKED OUT.  I love this so much that I may have to buy more so I don't have to share mine with the kids.”- H

“I love my packtogo!! Its the perfect shape to fit in my backpack without being too bulky.”- A.P  

“Awesome little lunch box, seals nicely and nice and slim.”- K.M

"We bought one a few months ago for our daughter's lunches. We love it so much we now own 3."- J.M

 “This is an awesome lunch box.Just the right size to keep your portions in check and totally leakproof.”- J.S 

“Son needed something that was light weight and wouldn't take up a lot of room in his already over loaded backpack. It is leakproof and easy to clean.”- L.Y

“Love the slim design, fits well into the briefcase.”- H.B

“If you are looking for a lunch box, it should be this...This is so perfect in build, partitioning and size that it can be described in just one word - AWESOME!!”- V.S

“I don't have to worry leaks anymore and its pretty easy to open. Love it and willing to use it every day.”- S.S“Compact, Sturdy, Versatile, & Freezable = My All-Time Favorite Lunchbox”- Anonymous

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