Lunch boxes aren’t just for kids anymore;

A lunch box for adults is an excellent way to tote lunch to work (or dinner to work, if you work late hours). And they don’t have to be childish or elaborately themed (or boring, for that matter); in recent years lunch boxes have made a comeback in the adult world.


While the primary lunch box concern for people 13 and younger is who’s on the cover, lunch box needs change with age. For adults, the main selling point is usually functionality, and safety. Though sometimes, in certain adult places (say, L.A. Comic Con), who’s on the lunch box is still a big deal.  A leak-proof container that can go through the dishwasher and stay hot or cold as needed is a good baseline offering.

Safe materials for a healthy body

Another grownup concern about lunch boxes is safety. Plastics made with BPA deteriorate, releasing these particles into whatever is inside the container—in a lunch box, food. Metals carry other potential risks, most of which are heightened with heat exposure.

Our Slimline Bento Lunch Box is leak-proof, dishwasher safe, and is made with BPA-free plastic. Its compartments keep individual food items separate, and help you control portions.

What to put in a grownup lunch box?

Your inner child might be saying “Anything I want!” but a lunch comprised of Twinkies and orange soda offers minimal energy and maximum tooth decay.  Packing a lunch box allows you the room to reflect on what food you will eat later that day, and make a good choice for your health and wallet. When you make your own lunch (or breakfast, or dinner), there’s also the opportunity to appreciate the energy that goes into food: sunlight, plant life, animal life. Going out to a restaurant doesn’t provide the same space for reflection, because you’re never faced with the individual ingredients, or the labor involved.

Following recommended guidelines for daily calorie intake and food group organization will make lunch much more enjoyable for your body.  Many people work in the hours between noon and two p.m., which is one of two times of day that the brain sends signals to rest (the other is between midnight and seven a.m.).  Eating protein (a serving about the size of your palm), fruits and vegetables, and minimal processed sugar will provide enough energy to ride out this low time.

Another fine reason to try a lunch box for adults is the cost; after a moderate upfront investment, you’ll never have to buy another paper bag or disposable plastic container (which is also easier on our environment).

Ready to trade up to a grown-up lunch box? We’ve got a few lunch boxes for adults. Check out our Slimline Bento Lunch Box offerings here.