Why choose a leak-proof lunch box?

First of all, it will save your lunch from everything external your lunch comes in contact with. Anyone who’s ever packed a brown bag lunch can attest to how fragile the situation is; just placing the bag in your backpack is itself a risk, add a water bottle and any minor jostling is potentially catastrophic. Whether you bike to work, take the bus to school, or drive in, transporting lunch can be hazardous. A leak-proof lunch box saves your car seat from your lunch, and vice versa.

A lot of products seem like they’re leak-proof, but fail halfway through—think of a cheap lidded coffee cup, or plastic container that never seals right. Not only do you lose whatever was inside that container, its contents are now all over your coat and hands. If your carry your lunch in a bogus container and it spills somewhere, you’re out one lunch (and there’s a mess to clean up). If your lunch box leaks inside an office refrigerator, this certainly affects your workday. And sometimes even when the lunch stays inside the box, odors escape a poorly sealed lid, spreading through classrooms and offices at will. 

Other times, a lunch box lid seals well for the first ten or fifteen uses, but gradually the fit becomes comprised, and a lunch box you depended on “betrays you”, spilling its contents while you’re walking down the street. (It’s funny how we attribute actions to inanimate objects, especially things we use every day).

Hot and Cold

A lunch box that leaks (or, even worse, a lunch bag that leaks), may preserve your lunch (and not actually lose it all), but it at the very least it’s still exposing your food to air, and all the germs circulating in a communal refrigerator. Left out on a desk all day, a leaky lunch box invites decomposition of bananas and sandwiches.  If you brought hot oatmeal to eat for breakfast at work, a leaky container will ensure it’s cold by the time you eat it—not so an airtight model. Colder foods, like yogurt or sherbet, don’t stand a chance of staying solid in a leaking container (and if you put them in the freezer to try to cheat, freezer burn is one possible result).

Squeaky clean

Another benefit to a leak-proof lunch box is ease of cleaning; if you leave something inside your lunch box for too long, and foodstuff coats the surface or leaves a lingering odor, the best way to clean the container is to let it soak with warm to hot soapy water. When the lunch box has a form-fitting, airtight lid, you can let it soak covered on your counter (instead of crowding the sink) without fear of a mess.

Slimline Bento Lunch Box is really and truly leak-proof.  Put a cup of hot soup inside, seal the lid tight, turn it upside down, and your soup stays put.  Time and again, its lid seals and maintains. Why do we love a leak-proof lunch box…view our products and find out.