In search of the best lunch box? You’ve found it

Lunch boxes have come a long way in the last couple of decades; but what separates a good lunch box from say, the best possible lunch box? Read on.

Most people can agree that a major requirement for lunch boxes is functionality—keeping your lunch safe, clean, and pretty.  The Bento Slimline lunch box is leak-proof and divided into three compartments which keep the different dishes of your lunch separated (and safe from falling out into your backpack or briefcase—it’s got a snap-closure lid). The compartments are designed to help people control portions, with two small and one large section. Portion control is a fine way to reach your health and fitness goals, without feeling cheated. When you’re visually presented with a balanced plate, there’s a psychological response that calms anxiety (regardless of the actual amount of food). With three compartments, it’s easy to divide your lunch between food proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables—this kind of preparation will sustain you through a long day at work, or a hike in the mountains. Did we mention this bento box is 100% leak-proof, internally and externally?

Lock and load lunch box

Another reason the Bento Slimline Lunch box is possibly the best lunch box on offer is its insulated carrying case. The case is designed to keep your lunch hot or cool, and it has both front pockets and inside mesh pockets for carrying napkins or utensils. A quarter-inch thick ice pack or heat pack will fit comfortably inside the carrying case. The lunch box and case fit easily inside most backpacks, briefcases, tote bags, and bicycle baskets.

What else makes a lunch box truly great? Besides making preparation easy and safely transporting your lunch, we think it’s important that the box be easy to clean. Our Bento Slimlines are dishwasher safe—and they’re also freezer safe, and microwave safe when you remove the lid.

What’s your lunch box made from?

Speaking of safety, our products are made without BPA (Bisphenol A). This chemical compound is used in many polycarbonate plastics, particularly in plastic and lined metal food containers; it was created in a lab in 1957, and sort of took over the food packaging industry. BPA has been shown to disrupt the endocrine systems, in several large studies in the US and Europe, and was recently banned by the FDA from baby bottles.

Form to follow function

One last thing that makes a good lunch box truly great: it’s got to have some sense of style. For decades in the US, starting in the 1960s, attractive and klunky metal lunch boxes alike gave way to formless plastic boxes with stickers on the front. People who appreciated a practical, functional, yet pleasantly designed lunch box were without many options. Slimline Bento Lunch boxes are available in a range of gentle but vivid colors, to match your kitchen or backpack. We like form to follow function, so our boxes are square and compact, to fit snugly inside a briefcase. The best lunch box? Could be—we invite you to view our Slimline products here, and see what you think.