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Life is complicated. Lunch shouldn’t be.

More and more health-conscious consumers are paying attention to the role of portion sizes in overall health. That’s where the PackTOGO Slimline Bento Lunch box fits in. This is a premium lunch box designed for active individuals with busy lifestyles – this is not your child’s lunch box.

PackTOGO bento lunch boxes are BPA-Free

 100% Leakproof  I  Perfectly Designed for Portion Control  I  BPA-Free  


PackTOGO Bento Lunch Box all colorsPackTOGO Bento Lunch Box Set with PackagingInside PackTOGO Bento Lunch Box bagPackTOGO Bento Lunch Box profile image

Perfect for Adults on-the-go

  • Perfect for commuting to work on a bike, bus or subway. 

  • Bring baby food or snacks for children - Fits perfectly in your stroller compartment or diaper bag.

  • Slim enough to carry in your briefcase without carrying an extra bag.

  • Perfect for taking to the Gym, Zumba class, Yoga, Crossfit, Hiking, Beach, etc.

Super Portable and Easy

  • Sick of fumbling with small containers that get lost and pain to wash?

  • Three 100% Leakproof compartments that are all individually sealed so you can carry without worrying about accidents.

  • Carry apple sauce, your favorite soup, dressings, sauces all without worrying about spills or carrying multiple separate containers.

  • Our Slimline Bento Lunch Box Set comes with a custom fitted bag that you can carry your lunch box along with storage for all of your utensils, napkins, etc.

 Boiled Salmon with Rice and traditional Japanese sides using PackTOGO Bento Lunch Box        Hamburg Steak Bento using PackTOGO Bento Lunch Box        Kanpyo Roll, Inari, Teriyaki chicken bento using PackTOGO Bento Lunch Box Set   

    Designed specifically for Portion Control

    • We specifically designed our Slimline Bento Lunch Boxes to carry less food for active individuals that want to control their food portions.

    • Perfect for simple natural foods like boneless chicken breast, lean meat, rice, lentils, legumes, steamed/grilled vegetables, salads, soups, etc.

    • If you track calories or macronutrients, our custom sized Bento Lunch Box for adults will be the perfect tool to help achieve your goals.

    • Controlling your food portions is one of the most critical aspect of weight control and maintaining a healthy body.

    Safe and Easy to Clean

    • Why carry around 4-5 different containers that you need to wash individually when you can just carry one and be done with it.  Other lunch boxes don't offer our unique leakproof function, so you need to carry separate containers for dressings, sauces or other liquids.  However, our Slimline Bento Lunch Box series allows you to save time and hassle with our simple all-in-one solution.

    • You can microwave it (without the lid), put it in the dishwasher, or freezer with no problems and it's super simple to clean.

    • Our products are BPA-Free, Phalate Free, PVC Free, made with food safe materials and pass international safety standards.