How To Videos

We wanted to give you some tips below on how to use our bento lunchbox correctly for a 100% leakproof seal.


1) Open up the 4 buckles
2) While holding down the center "PUSH" with one hand, open lid from any side with the other hand.
3) Because its sealed, your lifting one side to let air in which releases the pressure.


1) Press down and apply FIRM pressure in the center and at the same time press down on the inner edges of the compartments first, then press down on the actual compartments (clear plastic windows) and work your way to the outer edges to make sure all the excess air is being removed. (You should hear air expelling out)
2) Remember that your driving the air from the center outward as your sealing the edges.
3) You should be able to easily close the 4 buckles. If not, the air has not been completely expelled from the container.
4) Check the "PUSH" in the center at the end to make sure there is no give. That shows that its sealed.
*Our leakproof function for each compartment is very new and unique but does require some pressure when closing the lid because the air needs to be expelled out from each container in order to get the 100% seal.
Trust us, Once you understand how to do it correctly it really becomes easy.
Note: This might be difficult for small children to open and close on their own so please keep that in mind.