PackTOGO Leakproof XL Bento Lunch Box - Extra Large (Gray)

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$ 24.95

  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE - Our XL Leakproof Bento lunch box measures 9”W x 6.75”L x 3”D and has been designed larger than the typical lunch boxes for those that need to carry around more food or larger sized food items.
  • LEAKPROOF - Our XL bento lunch boxes have 3-compartments and each compartment is individually sealed so you can carry different food items without worrying about spills.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Our XL Bento Lunch Box takes the work out of cleaning multiple containers by designing a large leakproof bento container that does the work of three separate containers.
  • EASY TO OPEN AND CLOSE - We have engineered our XL lunch box to be easier to open and close. Having a full leakproof design has meant that lids have always been a bit more challenging to open and close in order to provide an air tight seal. However, we have worked hard to make our lids easier to open and close while still keeping the leakproof function for all compartments.
  • MODERN DESIGN - At PackTOGO we design all of our products not only to be functional but beautiful to look at as well. We took our most popular Slimline collections leakproof 3-compartment design and made it bigger for you!