Slimline Bento Lunch Box Bag - Gray

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$ 14.99

Our PackTOGO Slimline Bento Lunch Bag is custom designed to fit with our Slimline Bento Lunch boxes (8.25”W x 8.25”L x 1.5”D). We take pride in listening to our customers and constantly improving our designs, and always paying attention to the small details that make us different from the rest.

Our Slimline Bento bag comes with insulated padding for protection from accidental drops and we have also added additional padding on the handle for extra comfort. The bag comes with one outer pocket and a inner pocket to carry your utensils, napkins, cooler packs, etc. 

Designed for portability our PackTOGO Slimline Bento Lunch Bag will fit into most backpacks, briefcases and even some handbags. This makes carrying around the PackTOGO Slimline Bento Lunch Bag convenient and less cumbersome.

Always look for our PackTOGO accent logos when purchasing our products, which represent quality and peace of mind warranty. 

Try our PackTOGO Slimline Bento Lunch box and see for yourself.